Emma, a shy cat


Emma was our rescue animal who featured in June 2012.

Emma has been with Cats Protection since October. The three-year-old was a stray which left her wary of humans and needing a little time to get used to new people. Once she settles in to a new home, Emma will be a lovely pet. She has really come on with her current fosterer and likes sitting next to her on the sofa. Emma, who is mainly white with a few black markings, is with the Eltham, Sidcup and District branch, on the SE London/North Kent borders.

Please could you offer her a fresh start in a loving home? Details from our fosterer Anne on 020 8859 2419 or Clare at cacheeseright@yahoo.co.uk.

What happened next?

I’m delighted to report that Emma is now in a new home. We had a couple of calls after she was featured, including one from a lady in Dorset who has lots of experience with timid cats.

Although it’s a long way off our patch, one of our committee members volunteered to drive Emma there as we were so keen to home her.

She is now living in a big house with a large garden and, most important of all, a loving owner ready to give her lots of time and patience.

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