Lutino, a beautiful and independent Parakeet


Lutino featured on 4th December 2012

Lutino is a beautiful and indpendent parakeet with lots of personality. He can be rehomed with other birds his size or bigger but not smaller birds.
Parakeets tend to be full of energy and are very socialiable with fellow parakeets as well as people. Because Lutino was found as a stray, he is unfortunately hand shy and finds this quite upsetting. This could change though over time and with the right home environment. Not only are parakeets intelligent, they also have outgoing personalities. And Lutino certainly has plenty of that! He is very energetic, talkative, and likes to explore his aviary and put his flying skills to good use. He also enjoys climbing his cage, looking at himself in the mirror (“who’s a pretty boy?!”) and play with his bird toys.

What happened next?

Lutino is now living it up in Bridgwater with the Pearce family. He is still settling in and so is a little quiet, but his new owners are currently looking for a new female companion to help bring him out of his shell. Lutino likes to stay warm perched on his indoor swing. His favourite past time is munching on peanuts and nibbling on apples.

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