Maggie and Jack, two neutered rabbits


Maggie and Jack featured in March 2012

This week’s rescue animals are Maggie and Jack. Maggie (a spayed doe) was brought into Raystede as a stray and is thought to be around four years of age. Jack (a neutered buck) is approximately seven years old. We have bonded the pair as Jack lost his mate last year to myxomatosis.

Jack survived because he had been vaccinated. The two rabbits are very happy together and can only homed as a pair as they are very much in love. If you feel you could give Maggie and Jack a new loving “forever home”, please contact Raystede’s Small Animals Department on  01825 840252 or visit

What happened next?

Maggie and Jack the rabbits are still with us and living a very happy life at Raystede – they are getting on in years, but are still available for re-homing. We will soon have to offer them a foster home, because they are getting old and require some specialist medical care – Jack is having acupuncture treatment to help with his aches in his joints.

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