Mickey a neutered male mouse


Mickey featured in June 2012

This week’s rescue pet is Mickey, a neutered male mouse from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.

Mickey is a young neutered male mouse who is ready to go to a new home. Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare usually has a number of mice looking for new homes, because mice can have large litters and they tend to breed all year round. Raystede often has large numbers brought in from just one source.

Mice make great companion animals as they are very tactile, they like to investigate your clothing and hair whilst hitching a lift on your shoulder, and can even be trained to sit in your pockets or behind your neck. These little creatures are good fun and make great pets for children from about the age of eight. Just remember to ensure that you only have same sex groups, to avoid being inundated with baby mice.

If you are interested in finding out more about rehoming mice from Raystede, then please contact the Small Animal Unit at Raystederaystede.org telephone  01825 840252

What happened next?

Mickey was re-homed in late 2012 and is very happy in his new home and he is doing very well.

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