Snowy, an energetic and affectionate gerbil.

On 11th December 2012, Snowy was featured.

Snowy is a very energetic gerbil. He loves to hoard and to build things using toilet paper rolls and cardboard boxes. He will quite simply spend hours making ‘castles’ and ‘dens’, then remodel them and build new extensions. He must have been a builder in a former life! Snowy is also very affectionate and likes being picked up and scurry along your arms, around your neck and if you’re lucky down your jumper! He would make a great family pet and would ideally suit a home with children.

What happened next?

Snowy is the most laid back gerbil the Wilmot family (in Bristol) have ever had, Snowy likes to sit on your shoulder and squeak in your ear. He’s particularly active on a Saturday night when he likes to watch the lottery results. His favourite foods are blueberries.

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