Star a big brown hen


Star featured in May 2013

Due to ill health, Star’s owner can no longer look after her. She has been taken in by the British Hen Welfare Trust. Star is a large fit brown hen. At her previous home,she had been allowed to roam wherever she wanted to and Star very quickly made it clear that staying in the designated hen closure was not an option! Without a backwards glance, Star was over the fence and onto the lawn. The area near the bushes where dead leaves accumulated is her favourite hunting ground. For further information, contact British Hen Welfare Trust: or Tel: 01884 860084

What happened next?

Star settled into her temporary home with British Hen Welfare Trust staff member, Gaynor Davies, so well that we didn’t have the heart to move her on again, so she remains pottering about in a leafy garden in Devon with plenty of feathered friends for company. 

She occasionally pops out an egg, but has taken to free range retirement rather literally, so egg production is now an afterthought rather than her main role in life.  Star appears to be partial to apple crumble with her attempts to draw attention to the windfalls, and together with providing a fresh egg for the custard, she offers a nice little bonus from keeping hens in an orchard!

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