Winnie and Wilf, young adult cats looking for a home together


Winnie and Wilf featured on 22nd September 2012

Winnie and Wilf are both about a year old and were brought to Cats Protection’s Farnham and Wey Valley branch after being abandoned when they were kittens. Winnie is very friendly whilst Wilf can be a little shy; Wilf also needs to follow a special diet. The branch would like to find them a home together, preferably with an enclosed garden and with no other pets or small children. If you live in the Farnborough area and would like to adopt them please call  01252 334 644.

What happened next?

Both Winnie and Wilf are doing very well. When we first had them they were very nervous and just wanted to hide away from everyone. Now they are quite different and behave like any other ‘normal’ cat, sitting on laps and enjoying being stroked. They seem to be telling us that they approve of us and their surroundings ­­- and that the service here is reasonably acceptable. Strangers to the house are treated with some care but the people that they know, such as my two sons and their wives, are no problem and we even had a telephone engineer ‘inspected’ and passed as OK by our little furry friends.

When we collected Winnie and Wilf they were reported as suffering from problem tummies and were on sensitive diets but we have never experienced any signs of a problem with them, despite Wilf’s taste for butter if we don’t watch him! To sum up, they are a delight and we consider ourselves very lucky to have them living with us thanks to Cats Protection.

I attach a couple of pictures of the pair to show how laid back they are.


P3310373 Wilf

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