Womble and Raisin, two greyhound brothers


Womble and Raisin featured in April 2013

This week’s rescue pets are Womble and Raisin, two Greyhound brothers. Contact Dogs Trust in Harefield, West London on 0845 076 3647 or visit dogstrust.org.uk.

What happened next?

Needless to say the pair have settled in brilliantly and have made themselves at home! Raisin stretched out on the sofa pretty much as soon as he arrived and due to his size that didn’t leave much room for anyone else! Womble was a little more timid but his confidence is growing and he’s coming out of his shell. They’re completely different dogs, Raisin is very astute to the foxes in the area and likes to let us know if he hears any! He’s also a creature of habit and an early bird as he wakes us up at around 7am, even on the weekends!


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