Sooty and Sweep are 7 year old cats who are sister and brother

Sooty and Sweep feature this weekend – 7th June 2014.

Sooty and Sweep are sister and brother who have always lived together.  Sooty is a sleek, black short-haired female with white paws, chest and whiskers.  Her twin Sweep is similarly patterned but long-haired and fluffy.  They are very close, and Sooty, who is a very intelligent and inquisitive cat, lovingly defends and watches over her rather softer and more gentle brother, Sweep.  Because they are so devoted, we would like to re-home them together.  Sooty in particular is longing to get back into the open air, so a safe garden and a quiet street (or a large outdoor cat-run) would be a must.

DSC_1853 (2)

They are about 7 years old so they have many years of love and companionship still to give.  They love human company and are always on the look-out for something (or someone) to play with, or a lap to sit on.

Contact Redgate Farm Animal Sanctuary in Leicestershire on 01530 243 925.

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