Tiggy and Spike are a pair of eight-year-old oriental shorthair cats.


Tiggy and Spike featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph last August 2014.

Tiggy and Spike are a pair of eight-year-old oriental shorthair cats – they are not related, but are very bonded and want to find a home together. Although a little shy at first, they love people and once they get to know you will do anything to climb onto your lap for a cuddle! Typically for their breed, Tiggy and Spike are quite vocal and thrive on human company and would like a home where they are not left alone all day. Owners with experience of similar breeds would be ideal. They are a little worried by small children, but could live with understanding teenagers.

If you think Tiggy and Spike could be the perfect new addition to your family, contact Torbay Blue Cross on 0300 777 1550 or visit www.bluecross.org.uk.

What happened next?

Spike and Tiggy are happily settled into their new home with Ian Clarke and family in Buckfastleigh, Devon.

Ian says: “Since coming to live with us in August, Spike & Tiggy have settled in well.  They were very nervous for the first couple of weeks but did not take long come out of their shells. Now they are very talkative, lovable and forever in search of their two favourite things; comfort and food!  We feel very privileged to have them in our family.”

Tiggy and Spike 4

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