Pet Subjects Rescue Update: Anna, a seven year old Utonagon, a rare breed of dog.


Anna was the rescue pet that featured in March 2013.

This week’s rescue animal is Anna, a seven-year-old utonagan, a rare breed of dog. To find out more, visit or contact Blue Cross in Tiverton, Devon, on  0300 777 1560, or

What happened next?

Anna, the Utonagan, was perhaps the most unusual breed of dog to be featured: she ended up being adopted with her sister, Tala. As often seems to be the case, the dogs were renamed, to Roma and Tula.

Their new owner, Debbie Cockerham, had previously looked after a friend’s utonagon and had fallen in love with the breed. She’d been scouring rescue websites to find one, and when she saw Anna in the Telegraph Weekend section, she was delighted. She drove with her husband all the way from East Sussex to visit the dogs at the Blue Cross centre in Tiverton, Devon.

Six months later, Debbie feels as if she has always had the dogs and she wouldn’t be without them.

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