Winston, an 8 year old Shar Pei Cross.


Winston featured in Pete’s column in the Telegraph  April 2015.

Winston is an 8 year old Shar Pei Cross. He is a gentle giant with so much love to give. He enjoy’s long walks and after the walk (when you’re enjoying a cup of tea) he would love to curl up beside you for some good cuddle time!

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What happened next?

“After fostering Winston for 6 months we grew to know him and love him so when the time came when there was a real chance of him being adopted we realised we couldn’t let him go!

The real moral of the story with Winston is akin to the Princess and The Frog in that you cannot judge a book by its cover. Not the most handsome creature on first looks, in fact he reminded me of the demonic hell hounds in the first Ghostbuster movie. But once you experience his loving, gentle, loyal and ‘chilled out’ nature you view him in a completely different light. Now he’s the cutest, most huggable gorgeous lump of canine anyone could wish for.. He is a pleasure for us all and is especially tolerant with children and he has acquired a few fans, both human and canine. Yes there’s been a few road skiing moments when he’s taken off after a cat or two, and he snores very loudly, but that’s about being a dog!

When he is having his tummy tickled he has a look of superior entitlement which has earned him the nickname of Lord Winston of Wigmore.

We love our Winston and feel lucky that he found his way to us. We hope he feels the same.”

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