Rizzler, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Name: Rizzler Age: 3-5 years old Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Cross) Sex: Male Reference: 13/00483

Rizzler is a friendly and playful dog who has been overlooked for too long. A fine example of his breed, he is social with people and relaxes in their company. He is extremely loyal and it is easy to feel a bond with him. He is loving and affectionate and has shown to be responsive to training.

Rizzler can be excitable at times so will need some ground rules put in place and he also needs some good dog socialising to help him learn how to interact properly with other dogs. With some patience and training Rizzler will be the most loving and rewarding pet. Rizzler is finding kennel life quite stressful, so is spending some time in a foster home.  

His foster carer says he’s settled very quickly, he loves tennis balls and has been known to find one in the park and take it straight home to add to his stash of others!

If you could give Rizzler a home, please call Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 0843 509 4444 to find out more information.

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