Pop the hen is looking for a new home

‘Pop’ was collected from a farm in August 2017 rather worse for wear with few feathers remaining and sore feet.  Pop has since spent her leisure time at the BHWT’s hen hospital in Devon and enjoyed every opportunity offered including gently pootling on soft grass, snuggling into deep and cosy bedding and indulging in large quantities of sweetcorn.   Pop gained her name because since her arrival, she has consistently popped out a daily egg, sweeping aside her so-called retirement with a swish of her feathers. She loves her new life, and sings (loudly) about it at any time to anyone who will listen!  If you can offer Pop or some other needy hens a home, please contact Hen Central on 01884 860084.

Pop featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 15th October 2017


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