Molly, a 7 year old small red boxer.


Molly featured earlier this year in the Telegraph.

Molly, aged 7 is a small red boxer, who adores people but sadly dislikes other dogs and needs to be the only one in the home.  She has extreme separation anxiety and needs someone who will work with her to overcome her fears, with the help of a behaviourist if that will help.  Molly is in kennels in Milton Keynes and has been there far too long.  If you can give Molly the home she deserves please contact Sharon Connors on 07952 882023 or visit the website

What happened next?

Molly was with the rescue centre for many months. Unfortunately, during this time she had to have her tail amputated. She wagged it so much that it bled and became infected. Now she happily wags her stump! Molly has just been rehomed with a lady who was looking for a boxer. We are absolutely over the moon as Molly has been with us for nearly a year. Hopefully all will go well. Molly is lovely with humans but still is a demon with all things on four legs!

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