Sammy is a gentle 10 year old one-eyed cat

Sammy is a 10-year-old one-eyed cat who was abandoned by his previous owner when they moved and is now on the lookout for a new home. The black male first arrived at Mayhew when a member of the public alerted our Animal Welfare Officers that a cat with badly infected eyes had been left behind after the previous owner had moved premises.

Sammy was quickly seen to by our Vet Team and they established that he had an infection in the right eye and his left eye ball had keratitis, an inflammation of the cornea. It became apparent that the left eye was not improving with medical treatment, so our Vet Team decided the best option was to remove the left eye to eliminate the source of persistent discomfort for him. The right eye was treated with antibiotic eye drops and the infection was fully resolved, preventing long lasting problems. Sammy is an affectionate and gentle cat who would love a home with a garden. He can live with children and would prefer not to live with other cats or dogs.

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Sammy featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 11th February 2018



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