Tess is a lovely 6 year old German Shepherd


Tess came to us earlier this year in a very shocking state – she was completely emaciated and was suffering from irritable skin rashes, gastrointestinal upset and severe anxiety. Her previous owner has sadly been unable to cope with looking after Tess after falling ill himself, and she was starved of both food and love and affection.

Happily, after a lengthy rehabilitation programme in Mayhew’s care, Tess has bounced back dramatically and is now looking for a forever home where she thrive with an experienced owner.

Tess is 6 years old German Shepherd and requires a good size home and an owner who is able to be around in the day. She forms very strong bonds with people she knows and has a curious, playful nature – she is very eager to please and is looking for a calm and stable environment in which to continue growing and ‘start over again’.

Anyone interested in adopting Tess should call 020 8962 8000 or visit www.themayhew.org for more information.

Tess featured in Pete’s column in June 2019.


We’re incredibly happy to say that Tess has been rehomed, as of just two weeks ago! We’ve been told she is settling in very well with her new owners, and is looking forward to being spoiled and treated for years to come. It may have taken a while to find the perfect home which was just right for her, but as we know by now, good things come to those who wait.

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