These two beautiful black cats are male and female siblings

These two beautiful black cats are male and female siblings that have been living her at The Centre since the 29th December 2018 when they were born here, there mum had come into us a few days before as there were too many cats in her home. Sadly it’s now nearly been over a year that they have been living with us and we just want them to find a home of their own.  These two can be quite shy when you first meet them because they do find life here at The Centre a bit scary. They are not too sure about being stroked so may run away when you first meet them, but with a little bit of patience they will settle down, they are also both very inquisitive and love to play. All these two cats know is life here at The Centre and we would love to finally get them out and into a forever home together. They would prefer a quite home with no older children but they could live with other cats. They are looking for a patient owner who has lots of time to spend with them bringing them out of the shell and we are sure they would flourish in a home.

If you think you may be able to give Km213-19 and Kf214-19 the new home they deserves please give The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre a call on 01243 641409 or visit

These two beautiful black cats featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 5th January 2020.



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