Tick and Tux were abandoned in East London


These kittens, Tick and Tux, were brought to our rescue centre in Canning Town by someone who had heard their cries coming from a rubbish-filled alley in East London.  They were shut in a taped up cat carrier and, judging by the state of it, had been in there for some time.  After a shampoo and blow-dry, some food and a nice warm blanket they seemed a lot happier and settled down to enjoy some stroking and cuddles. This is the time of year when abandonment of litters of kittens in this way is a regular occurrence – unfortunately the message about the importance of neutering is not getting through to enough people.  This year, probably 80% of the kittens we have rescued are black/white and are always harder to home than the tortoiseshells, tabbies and gingers. If anyone is interested in adopting Tick and Tux please email the Celia Hammond Animal Trust at canningtown@celiahammond.org.

Tick and Tux featured in Pete’s column earlier this year.


Tick and Tux were rescued in the height of summer and we added a couple of other kittens into their pen to get them all socialised together.

Luckily they all became close friends but Tick and Tux decided to bond with their new friend rather than each other. So we decided to home Tick and Tux separately, each with their new companion.

Both pairs of kittens have found loving family homes.

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