Waffle is a magnificent 3 year old oriental cross

Waffle is a magnificent, tall and sleek three year old boy with a strong personality; self assertive and resourceful; a cat of highest intelligence. He can be affectionate and playful. He loves human company but tends to be a bit over-dominant towards other felines.

Waffle is an oriental cross who displays pride and a sense of entitlement typical for an alpha male. He is longing to release his energy and will need a home with outdoor access through a catflap. He’d love a home with people who are around a lot.

Contact Celia Hammond on 0207 474 8811 or visit www.celiahammond.org for more information.

Waffle featured in Pete’s column in February 2020


“Waffle, now named Gritsu after a beloved black panther teddy, adopted us as his family the moment we saw each other at Celia Hammond’s. Judging by Gritsu’s loud purrs and chilled demeanour, we seem to be meeting his high expectations. The tall handsome boy even made a couple of feline friends along the garden fence.He is a gorgeous, independent panther, a bit wild and silly at times but deep inside he seeks daily comforts and affection in his new home. This adolescent cat must have had a good upbringing as he has impeccable litter and feeding manners. He is now enjoying the garden jungle, coming home with either pollen or cobwebs on his face and whiskers which he meticulously cleans up. Despite his busy social agenda, Gritsu is always on time for all meals, snacks and naps in the cosiest spots. At times, it feels like Bagheera has moved in to look after us! Gritsu is bringing lightness, comfort and happiness during lockdown.”


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