Waffle is a magnificent 3 year old oriental cross

Waffle is a magnificent, tall and sleek three year old boy with a strong personality; self assertive and resourceful; a cat of highest intelligence. He can be affectionate and playful. He loves human company but tends to be a bit over-dominant towards other felines.

Waffle is an oriental cross who displays pride and a sense of entitlement typical for an alpha male. He is longing to release his energy and will need a home with outdoor access through a catflap. He’d love a home with people who are around a lot.

Contact Celia Hammond on 0207 474 8811 or visit www.celiahammond.org for more information.

P.S. Waffle has just found himself a lovely home this week but the charity have more lovely black cats who are looking for their forever home.

Waffle featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 2nd February 2020

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