3 year old Whitefield is looking for a quiet home

Whitefield has been in Wood Green for over 150 days, and is looking for a nice quiet home.

Whitefield was rescued as a puppy in India, along with her mum and sister. After a year spent in a shelter in India, waiting to come to the UK, she was flown over to start her life in a home. Whitefield has undergone a massive upheaval going from living on the streets, to a shelter, then to a home and again finding herself back in a kennel environment. Due to this turbulent start Whitefield is very nervous of new people and tends to attach herself to only a few people who she truly trusts. For this reason she takes some time to bond with people, however once you have gained her trust she is a quirky, loving and unique girl.

Contact Wood Green on 0300 303 9333 woodgreen.org.uk.

Whitefield featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 5th May 2019.



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