Wyatt and Willow are two year old brothers

Hello there, my name is Wyatt and I am looking for a forever home with my brother Willow. We were born in April 2015, we are both neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. We often get told we have lovely temperaments, we are very curious and like to investigate anything new! We are very good with our litter tray but are in no way clean in our pen as we like to chuck our bedding all around the place until it’s to our satisfaction. We really enjoy our time on the grass, as well as a bit of digging – we are rabbits after all! Our humans here let us earn extra treats by doing what they call ‘training’, we are glad the humans realise they are being trained and are responding well! Unfortunately, we arrived at the centre suffering from Pasturella, which causes us to have the snuffles if we get stressed, however, we have not needed any treatment for the last 12 months. We think this might have put people off taking us home as we have now been here for 500 days! We get a little sad when we see all the other bunnies getting picked to go to their forever homes with their new families.

Contact Margaret Green Animal Rescue on 01929 480474 or visit margaretgreenanimalrescue.org.uk

Wyatt and Willow featured in Pete’s column on Sunday 30th July 2017



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