Lenny is an 8½ year old neutered red Boxer


Lenny suffers with severe separation anxiety. He pulls on the lead, and lunges when he sees another dog. We are looking for a quiet home with someone around all day, every day, or someone who has plenty of time to help him overcome his anxieties. No other pets, please.

Because of Covid, Lenny has been in foster for longer than we had anticipated and it took him a good 3 months to adjust, so he is a dog who will need lots of patience and understanding. Currently Lenny is in Norfolk.
​If you are interested in adopting Lenny and would like further information, please contact Karen Kerby on 07712 669707 or email: karen.kerby@hcbw.org.uk

A satisfactory home-check would need to be done before he can be adopted.

Lenny featured in Pete’s column in September 2020.


Lenny’s fosterer could not bear to let him go in the end, so he has stayed with her. He has acute anxiety issues and lockdown has ensured someone is always in the house with him or he travels with them so it has turned out well for him.


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