Case Studies

Typhoon the eight year old Collie

Typhoon is one of those cross-bred dogs who has enjoyed excellent health for his entire life: Collies have been bred for function rather than appearance, so in general, they tend to be healthier anima ..

Rupert the 4 year old cat

Anna has owned Rupert since he was a kitten, and he’s become a much loved pet. He’s the only animal in the home, and he has a set routine that’s very predictable.

Oscar the 14 year old Terrier

Julie has three dogs. While she adores them all, she calls Oscar her “heart” dog: there’s something special about him. He has an outstanding personality, making friends everywhere he goes.

Kodi the ten year old Labrador Cross

Kodi is a gentle dog, who enjoys socialising and playing with people and animals.   During the recent snow storms, he was more excited than ever to go out into the local park and have fun.

Cassie suffers with cystitis

Christina has been coming to see me with her family’s pets since she was twelve years old; Cassie is first dog that she’s owned as an adult, and I’ve been caring for her since she was a young puppy.