Case Studies

Perry is an adult Peregrine Falcon

Maurice is fascinated by birds of prey. He admires their strength, skill and flying ability, and he has an aviary at home where he keeps a tame male falcon that he uses for his hobby of falconry.

Max has a heart murmur

Eight year old Max has always been a fit and healthy dog, but every year, Emma brings him along to see me for his yearly  health check.

Ella the Whippet ate raisins

Last Sunday, one year old Ella was mooching around the house as she often does, when she found something interesting. Somebody had left some boxes and bags of groceries within her reach, on the floor.

Nero is a five month old Cockapoo

Amber and her family took on Nero back in March, when he was an 8 week old pup. They took care to do everything right for him, getting him vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.