“Bad Nose Day at Crufts” – Pete the Vet in the Telegraph

I’ve written previously about the issue of brachycephalic dogs suffering ill health, and with Crufts coming up later this week, there’s going to be a big focus on pedigree dogs, for better and for worse. I’m unable to go to Crufts this year, but I’ll be watching with interest from afar. Friday is the big “brachycephalic” day, with Pugs, Bulldogs and French Bulldogs featuring. It’s been dubbed “Bad Nose Day” by animal welfare campaigner, Jemima Harrison.

Photos of nostrils wanted: good, bad and middling

In particular, it will be interesting to observe the reaction to Jemima’s request for the public to send her photos of dogs’ nostrils. She wants to see pictures of these – good examples and bad examples. Anyone taking photos obviously should ask the dog owner for permission first, but as long as they do that, it’s hard to see why there should be any issue. After all, this is a public dog show, with dogs on display for the purpose of being seen and judged on their physical appearance.

I’ve written about the Bad Nose Day campaign in my latest post at the Telegraph – see the link below for more.

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