Blog Awards Ireland 2018 – a three minute video of the event

I am still stunned by the fact that this blog swept the boards at the recent Blog Awards Ireland – winning top prize in Science & Education, top prize in Lifestyle, and then finally, the overall top prize as best blog in Ireland out of 1200 entrants. I’m still sorry that I wasn’t available to be at the event during the moment when these awards were announced; my daughter Ella stood in for me, and I joined the occasion only at the end of the evening, fresh in from the airport.

There’s a short video of the awards ceremony which you can watch below. It gives you a sense of the buzz on the night.

The awards were also reported in my local newspaper this week.

I’m so happy for this work to be recognised like this. My aim is to spread good information about pets, and to help animal welfare. Winning awards like this drives more people to this website and that then further boosts the aim of the whole enterprise. More people getting more information, helping more animals.

Once again, everyone, I really appreciate your support.

We can all make a difference: isn’t that what life is meant to be about?

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