Canicross on TV3’s Ireland AM: keeping fit with your dog

Canicross is a new sport that deserves greater popularity. I was delighted to have the opportunity to feature Canicross with the enthusiastic folk who are involved in this in Ireland.

Dog powered sports in Ireland

There are different types of dog powered sports in this country (there are more in areas of the world where snow is often on the ground).

  • Canicross is the simplest, running behind a dog attached to a belt around your waist.
  • Scooter-joring is the second type: the dog pulls you along on an adult-sized scooter.
  • Bike-joring, which is when your dog runs in front of your bike, attached to a handlebar bracket.

all levels of participants can enjoy dog powered sports

While it’s possible to compete at high levels (such as Susanne, who’s interviewed in the video piece), anyone can get involved.  All you need is a physically fit dog and some enthusiasm. You can buy the various harnesses and leashes online (, find some local people who are already doing it via Canicross Ireland, and away you go.

Canicross will keep you & your dog physically and mentally fit

Dog powered sports are enjoyable, and best of all, they keep you and your pet fit, together. Dogs love to run and they love to run with you as company. I tried it with Kiko, and although she still has to learn how to run ahead, she loves just running close to me. I have a harness now, and we are going to start to do this regularly.

Watch the video below to get a better sense of how it all works.

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