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Do you want to bring your dog to work?

The first ever national ‘Dog Friendly Ireland Day’ is taking place on 22nd June 2018, tying in with “Bring Your Dog to Work Day ”

Animal charity Dogs Trust is asking establishments of all types, from restaurants, hotels, workplaces to public transport, across the country to allow dogs access their premises for this one day in a bid to help make Ireland more Dog Friendly! They are encouraging dog owners to visit their local Dog Friendly establishments on the day, take photos and tell the world all about it
They would love as many businesses as possible to celebrate Dog Friendly Ireland Day and allow dogs on to your premises for the day
And they are asking dog owners to take their furry friends with them to visit your local Dog Friendly spots!
For more information, visit DogsTrust.ie, or follow the hashtags #DogFriendlyIrelandDay or #DogFriendlyIreland

To read more about Bring Your Dog to Work Day, read Pete’s latest Telegraph piece here.

Questions from listeners about pets

Pete answered the following questions on air:

  1. How can I stop cat from killing birds? Also a good product for worming etc cats? Thanks Ann.
  2. We are driving to Kerry on our holidays kids and our small dog, any advice to make the car journey comfortable for the dog on this long journey. Katie
  3. My two boys want to get a rabbit, I know nothing about them is there a bred that you recommend, I’ve seen rabbits that are very big and then cute little ones. Appreciate any advice. Frederick

Pete also did a Facebook Live video afterwards, answering more pet queries. You can watch it here.

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