Don’t poison your dog with raisins over Christmas: Pete the Vet on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show and in the Daily Telegraph

Grape toxicity – and that includes raisins – is a recently recognised phenomenon in the veterinary world. It’s still a bit of a mystery – the precise toxic agent has not been identified – but we do know that it’s serious, and fatal kidney failure can result. To find out more about this topic, listen to my weekly Newstalk podcast by following the link below, or read my latest online piece in the Daily Telegraph.

Listeners’ queries

  1. Just got a new puppy he’s 9 weeks old and is very bitey. Any advice to reduce this! Thanks Peter
  2. Are carrots ok for dogs. We’ve two Jack Russells and they treat carrots on a par with bones. Its stems from when I tried to grow them in the garden and the feckers would dig them up to eat them. They won’t touch a brussel sprout though. John, Dublin.
  3. Is tuna good for dog if shedding?
  4. How to get puppies to come back when called ?
  5. Our dog, a rescue Jack Russell, is perpetually scavenging for food, will literally open bags, presses, bins and eat what he finds. Regularly eats the baby’s raisins, found chocolate in a bag this morning and ate about four mini choc Santas including the wrapper. At my wits end…locking everything away terrified he’ll eat something he shouldn’t. What can I do?
  6. My mini schnauzer ate raisin bread late the night before last – I tried to induce vomiting – no luck. I drove around looking for activated charcoal but no chemists open. He seemed fine the next day – is there anything I should do at this stage? Anne, Dublin
  7. I have a hand reared female budgie she is always knocking her seed and water holders out of their grips and knocking her ladder to the floor she is only 6months old will she grow out of this she quite tame sits on my shoulder loves to fly around. Brian
  8. We have 3 dogs. 11yo, 5yo and 1yo. All rescue. The issue I looking for help with is disgusting … The youngest has begun to eat the eldest as poo! ? Help!! Sally-Anne
  9. My daughters dog loves to eat Chives that are growing in my herb bed….is this OK..or should he be stopped? Angela


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