Euro 2016 soccer theme – all about ball games for your pets

As Ireland play France today in the Euro soccer championships, today’s theme is all about ball games.

There’s a video from Ireland AM this week, where I used my veterinary skills (and tools) in an attempt to do better at a game called “soccer cyclone”.

And there’s a podcast from East Coast FM, where I discuss the various types of ball games that can be played with pets.

My own dog, Finzi, is an avid ball chaser – and my cats enjoy chasing pingpong balls around the kitchen floor.

From cats to dogs to humans, the appeal of the ball as a toy is universal.

By the way, good luck to Ireland today in the football game against France!

Listen to the podcast:

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  • Madison says:

    Very fun podcast, never underestimate the simple but endless fun of a ball for your pets. It’s great to come up with ball games you can play with your pet, a little bit of creativity can go a long way. But it’s always important to make sure they are toys and balls which are safe for pets without any chemicals etc that could be bad for them.

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