Feeding raw food to pets: the pros and cons. Blog post at Vet Help Direct

Wild cats eat raw meat. So do free living dogs. So what makes some humans think that it’s not OK to feed raw food to our pets?

Are we indoctrinated by the advertising blitz and fuzzy professional influence of big corporations? Many people believe this to be the case, but I take a more mainstream view. Pet food evolved based on what was available, convenient, and reasonably priced, as well as scientifically and nutritionally sound. Sometimes there have been issues linked to this (e.g. some cats suffer from more urinary tract disease when fed on dry kibble because they take in less moisture, so their urine is more concentrated). Other times, people have imagined issues linked to commercially produced food (e.g. the current trend for grain free pet food, based on a fad more than evidence).

Science is the basis of everything I write about: show me the evidence. So when, recently, two studies pointed out health issues – to humans and to cats – linked to the feeding of raw pet food, I think it’s important to highlight these risks. I can’t say it loudly enough: I am not telling anyone NOT to feed their pets raw food. By all means, go ahead and do that. But just be aware of potential problems. I think at this stage, most people are aware, but for the record, I wanted to write down and discuss these risks.

For more detail on this, please read my latest blog over at VetHelpDirect.

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