How to prevent heat stroke in dogs this summer

Heat stroke is a common problem seen by pet owners and vets every summer.

Prevention is the key: once a dog has overheated and is suffering from hyperthermia, it can be too late.

I’ve written an online piece about this in the Telegraph, with tips on how to keep your pet cool.

The photo above shows my own dog, Finzi, running around with a ball in her mouth: she loves doing this, but I know that she must never do it in the full heat of a sunny day. She’s a black dog, so her body absorbs sunlight and she’d rapidly overheat if she was allowed to exercise in full sunshine. So in the summer months, her exercise is restricted to early mornings (before 9am) and evenings (after 8pm).

For more tips on how to avoid heat stroke in pets, read my full article in the Telegraph.


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