Human health matters too: I’m fundraising for Leprosy sufferers in India

My primary interest is animal health and welfare, but sometimes I also write about other issues that are important to me. Leprosy is one example.

I am fundraising by doing an adventure event on 16/2/2018: you can contribute by going here if you wish.

Many people mistakenly think that Leprosy is a disease that has been consigned to history, and while that may be true for developed countries like Ireland and the UK, it is still a serious issue for many people around the world. Yes, Leprosy can be treated successfully, but treatment can be expensive, time-consuming and lengthy, and for many impoverished people, it is not easy to complete the course of treatment. As a result, people still suffer from the consequences of this debilitating, crippling illness.

The Mission to End Leprosy is one of the main charities involved in trying to deal with this disease, and my own daughter, Anna, is currently working for the charity.

Anna qualified as an immunologist from Trinity College, Dublin in 2017, and she has since moved to southern India, where she is working in a hospital laboratory in one of the main leprosy-focussed centres in the world. Anna is using her training and skills to work on various aspects of the science of tackling leprosy: you can read her own blog post about her work here.

I’m proud of her work, and I want to support it as best I can, which is why I am doing this fund-raising adventure race.

My fund raiser to help end Leprosy

I am doing the Gael Force Dublin event on Saturday 16th February to raise funds for the Mission to End Leprosy
This is a race in the Dublin mountains, involving

  1. Running/walking: 15km
  2. Cycling: 33km
  3. Kayaking: 1.5km

It’s likely to be cold, wet and miserable. Doesn’t sound like much fun, does it?

I am putting myself through this ordeal to highlight the work and raise funds to help deal with Leprosy. I will be suffering discomfort and stress for a few hours on that day, but for Leprosy sufferers, the illness can cause a lifetime of discomfort and stress. If we all contribute a small amount to helping tackle this disease, we should be able to confine their suffering to the past.

To donate to this worthwhile cause, please visit

I’ll post updates on this over the next ten days on my Facebook page. Wish me luck!

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