Hundreds walking in the rain for greyhounds in Dublin

Greyhounds have been popular in Ireland for centuries, as working, racing animals, but in the past couple of decades, they have finally begun to be recognised for their full potential: as intelligent, gentle creatures who can make wonderful companions for humans in a wide range of situations.

Greyhound Rescue Association Ireland was founded in 2010 to promote greyhound adoption in Ireland, and to advocate for improvements in greyhound welfare. Every year, the organisation organises a walk for greyhounds, to show support for the group’s objectives.

From the greyhounds, to lurchers, to many smaller dogs of different types, they were all there for the same reason: to highlight to the public that greyhounds make wonderful pets.

A GRAI spokesperson said: “It was just amazing to see hundreds of people and their dogs come out in the rain to show support to promote greyhounds as pets in Ireland”.

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