I have a new base for my regular animal news blogs…..

I enjoy writing blogs on animal stories that hit the headlines: as a vet, I’m able to give a view that’s informed by the training and experience of my profession.

From October 2008 until December 2011, I used the Telegraph blogs website for animal news blogs – two or three times a week. You can read the archive of these blogs by clicking here. I’ve recently moved on from this: time constraints meant that it was difficult for me to sustain this type of output.

My new plan is to write the same type of animal news blog in a different location: I’m now a regular blogger for the Vet Help Direct website, which is a useful information website for pet owners. I’m just doing a blog once a fortnight at the moment, but this may increase in frequency if the online readership warrants it. You can read these blogs by clicking here. I’ll post the details to Facebook and Twitter whenever I write a new blog.

So if you enjoy reading my blogs, please share them as widely as possible with your online friends, through Facebook, Twitter and however else you feel like sharing.

Animal issues are important and I tread a middle line: my stance is “animal welfare”, not “animal rights”. My aim is to use logical argument, explanation and discussion to persuade more people to support animal welfare. I welcome debate, and I’ll always try to respond to comments on the Vet Help Direct website, so if you have comments or discussion, that’s the place to talk to me. Oh, and also on my Facebook page. I tend not to use the comments section on this blog: it just gets too complicated trying to be in too many places….

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Please note that I am unable to answer veterinary questions in comments. If you have questions or concerns about your pet's health it is always better to contact your vet.

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