Mouth to Snout, not Mouth to Mouth. Pete the Vet talking about CPR for pets on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

It’s “mouth to snout”, not “mouth to mouth”. CPR is highly unlikely to save the life of a pet, but it’s easy to learn how to do it. Listen to Pete explaining on his weekly Newstalk Podcast by clicking on the podcast at the foot of this page.

You can also read Pete’s tips on this topic in his recent article in the Daily Telegraph.

Queries from listeners

  • If you’re feeding wild or stray cats or foxes is there any problem with giving them raw and cooked meat at the same time?
  • I notice my cats nail on her paws are quite long, so I need to bring her to the vet to get them cut or can I do it myself ? Louise
  • Pete I hope you can help me, my little Jack Russell dog is a happy healthy dog but when asleep in his dog bed he snores really really loud. I am wondering is it something I should be worried about, he does not seem to be troubled by it but at sometimes he sounds like me husband who snores as well. Brenda
  • What does it mean if my cat eats a lot of grass ?
  • I recently adopted some rescue hens who are suffering from a lot of feather loss. Pecking is not a problem, but their skin looks red and raw. No mites present. Can hens get sunburn? Is there anything I can put on their bare skin to help?

To find out Pete’s answers, listen to the podcast below, and to watch a video, visit the Newstalk FB page.

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