Parties for pets? A fun idea or a bit of silliness? Pete the Vet on Ireland AM

There’s a new craze for having parties for pets, with the launching of some unusual products that fit the theme. This week on Ireland AM, we looked at some of these new ideas.


  • Woof and Brew healthy herbal dog teas – for skin and coats – serve as a drink or over food – tins of £9.99 for 14 tea bags
  • Bottom Sniffer Beer For Dogs €3.99
  • Pawsecco For Cats And Dogs Pet-House Rose €3.49
  • Pawsecco For Cats And Dogs Pet-House White €3.49

These are all available from


We also looked at some “functional party clothing” for dogs, available from Maxizoo

  • · Anione flashing dog harness – nice party kit but also good for safety when walking dog in dark – €36.99.
  • · Anione light strip to attach to collar – again nice and practical as well as pretty €6.74.

Food treats

Finally, we reviewed some special food treats for pet parties

  • Select gold dental snacks €4.95
  • Multifit soft snacks €2.95
  • Venison bonies €3.99
  • Cowboys (like a string of cocktail sausages) €2.99
  • Meat sticks €2.99
  • Meat sandwiches chicken and fish €2.99
  • Rabbit OR lamb meaty sticks €4.99

the truth about pet parties

From doggy weddings to birthday parties to dress-up Halloween events, parties for pets are on the rise. My view is simple: when having fun with our pets like this, we just need to remember to see it all from their perspective. Pets are animals, and they don’t realise what is going on. By all means include them, but make sure that they don’t get unduly stressed, don’t offer them food or drink that isn’t safe, and don’t over-indulge them.

To watch the video, follow the link below.



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