Pet product review: the Doggy Bag – a towelling bag that helps wet dogs dry quickly

Finzi loves being zipped into  her cosy drying bag

Finzi loves being zipped into her cosy drying Doggy Bag

Finzi has turned out to be a water loving dog. Wherever she is exercised, she seeks out water. If we’re on the beach, she dashes down to the surf, wading around in foot-deep water. She isn’t a swimmer: she’s a paddler, but she loves it. If we take her to grassy fields, she seeks out puddles to sit in, or she finds a dew-drenched patch of grass to roll in. She just seems to like the sensation of being wet.

This causes a problem when the walk is finished: how to get her dry. In the past, we have tried using a towel to rub her down, but it doesn’t work well. She has a medium-length coat, and even after a good towelling, she’s still damp.

I discovered the answer at a visit to the commercial exhibition at Crufts last year: the Doggy Bag – a bag made from high-tech, quick-dry microfibres. It unzips, so that it can be laid out like a rug in front of Finzi. She happily jumps onto it, and it’s then just a case of zipping it up, so that her head is the only bit of her sticking out. We then drive home, and by the time we get there, she’s more-or-less dried off.

The funny thing is that Finzi loves it – she never wriggles or resists. It’s as if she enjoys the sensation of being enclosed in the dry towelling.

The Doggy Bag is not cheap, at £69 (€83) plus postage, but it’s one of those products that works really well. It keeps Finzi dry, and it stops our car from getting soaked and smelling of wet dog. It’s used every day, and after a year, it’s wearing well. I’m sure cheaper versions are out there, but would they work as well, and wear as well?


Finzi loves water, wherever she finds it

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