Pet sitting in a French chateau with Trusted House Sitters

I’ve written before about TrustedHouseSitters – a novel, inexpensive way of creating value for two groups of people;

  1. Animal lovers looking for an inexpensive holiday
  2. Pet and property owners who want to have somebody to care for their home and animals while they are away

My past experiences with Trusted House Sitters

I’ve been on holidays organised via this website on three occasions now.

a) Crete in 2014 – minding five dogs and a flurry of feral cats

b) The Loire Valley, France, in 2015, minding two dogs and a cat in a converted French barn

This year’s holiday with Trusted House Sitters

This year, we chose a chateau near Bordeaux, with an elderly Golden Retriever and an older cat to care for.

The holiday went exceptionally well, and we would have been happy staying out there for far longer than our allotted two weeks.

Pet sitting overseas is a great way for animal lovers to enjoy a break with an animal connection. Of course, as a vet, I have an added angle when it comes to being a carer, but if you like animals, and if you enjoy caring for them, it could be for you too.




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