Pete the Vet answers viewers’ questions about pets on TV3’s Ireland AM

This week on Ireland AM, Pete Wedderburn – Pete the Vet – answered an assortment of questions about pets from viewers. This type of question-answering has become increasingly popular – people often have queries about pets that bother them but which aren’t quite serious enough to definitely need a visit to the vet. People also sometimes have questions about the treatments given by their vet. Obviously, as a vet in a tv studio, listening to a few lines of text about an animal, it’s impossible to give any more than a passing opinion. At the same time, this type of discussion often allows the discussion of a range of important issues about animal health, with lessons for many viewers rather than just the individual animal invloved.

The following questions were asked this week:

  • My terrier has lumps on her body which keep coming up then going down. What could be causing them and what can we do?
  • What is the best type of dog for my daughter, who is twenty and who has learning disabilities. Would it be best to start with a puppy, or would an older dog be better?
  • My dog is terrified in the car. How can I help her so that she can come with me to the local park and beach?
  • How do I stop my Labdrador from eating her own poo?
  • My kitten is coughing a lot, especially after playing. What should I do?


To find out Pete’s answers, watch the video by following the link below.

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