Hugging Dogs & Listeners’ Questions

Hugging dogs is not always enjoyable for the animals: to find out why, listen to the podcast.

Questions from listeners

  • We have 2 five month old kittens and 2 Labs (4yrs and 1 yr old). The problem is that the Labs are digging up + eating the cat poo! We have tried putting Tabasco on the poo area but the Labs still “love” it. Kittens+ Labs sleep outdoors in their own sheds. Cats have litter trays in their shed but during the day they prefer to bury poos outdoor.
  • Our dog has had an ear problem for 2 years..not an infection..could be a food allergy. The vet suggested a cream to soften the wax. However, i feel this is now making the ear over produce wax. Someone suggested a powder for the outer ear, would you recommend anything else?
  • My male white Boxer has one nipple which has out of the blue become bigger & softer….. Should I be worried? It doesn’t seem to be bothering him…
  • My 2 yr old Labrador has being diagnosed with a cruciate. We are told it will cost €2000 no money for same. What can we do? We’re very worried
  • Trevor in Clonmel says “My dog gets on well with other dogs but when the neighbours dog jumps on me he gets very jealous and goes wild at him,what can I do to curb his jealousy”
  • John says “Sometimes when i call on my small dog, she will come towards me, with the side of her mouth slightly lifted, almost a snarle. What does that mean?
  • Mary says “Our little 2 year old dog loves going for a walk but hates getting her harness on. It doesn’t hurt or dig into her but her whole personality changes when she get it on, initially. Any ideas why?”


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