Important Christmas tips for pets

This week on Ireland AM, Pete told the story of Kiko stealing Christmas pudding the previous evening. This contains raisins, which can cause kidney failure in dogs, so Pete had to give her injection to make her bring up the pudding. Poor dog but at least she is safe and healthy now. The message is: keep all potentially toxic substances well out of reach of pets.

Pete also discussed other aspects of caring for pets over Christmas.

Finzi was relaxed and comfortable in her Doggybag – she really needs one of these, given her love of getting wet and muddy.

Here she is on her walk this morning: do you see what I mean?

Finzi loves getting wet

Finzi loves getting wet


Here’s a photo of Kiko after her crisis last night, when she was feeling very queasy.

Kiko after she'd been given the injection to make her sick

Kiko after she’d been given the injection to make her sick


She was feeling so much better by the following morning that she even liked the idea of sampling some Snuffledog Beer!

Kiko ready to party again

Kiko ready to party again

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