Product Review: the Doggy Dooley dog waste disposal system

The doggydooley dog waste disposal before it is buried in the ground

One of the unfortunate aspects of owning a pet is that you need to deal with the issue of biological waste: in other words, poop and piddle. Piddle is an easy one: it drains away, and it isn’t generally a health risk in any case. Animal faeces is trickier, as it can carry bacteria and parasites that can be dangerous to humans if proper disposal is not carried out.

Cats make it easy

Cats make it easy for us: they use a litter tray if indoors, or they bury it themselves if outside. Dogs are more challenging: they don’t bury their own droppings, so it’s up to owners to find a safe, clean answer.

Dogs are more of a challenge

Dogs waste cannot be left where it lands: people will stand on it, making an unpleasant mess. It’s too dangerous to put onto the normal compost heap in the garden, because the normal composting process does not create high enough temperatures to kill off those bacteria and worm eggs. It is possible to use a special type of compost-making machine (a so-called “digester”) which is a highly-insulated construction that uses solar energy to reach very high temperatures. But this is too complicated for most people, which is why there is a market for this week’s product.

A simple home-garden answer

The Doggie Dooley is a bucket-style septic tank type system suitable for two large or up to four small dogs. Water needs to be added daily and digester powder has to be added weekly. Built-in overflow devices allow the waste to digest within the unit and the harmless odour-free liquid drains gradually away through the overflow tubes.

It’s easy to set up: you dig a hole in the ground, and place the plastic bucket into it. Choose a discreet corner of your garden: once the green lid is in place, it’s well camouflaged.

It’s easy to use. Simply scoop your dog’s waste into the plastic bucket in the ground and add 1 pint of water daily and 1 tablespoon of digester powder or one terminator tablet per dog weekly. The digester powder / terminator tablet is non-toxic, harmless mixture of natural bacteria and enzyme cultures designed especially for pet waste. The waste breaks down into an odour-free liquid which simply drains away. If the unit starts to dry out it can easily be started up again with water & digester powder/terminator.

Of course, many people choose to “scoop the poop” and put it in the domestic refuse bin, but the Doggy Dooley is a environmentally friendly, easy-to-use alternative. It’ll cost you £64 plus delivery charges, but once you’ve put it in place, it will last for years.

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