Podcast: Help! I have a counter-surfing, visitor-sniffing Bassett Hound. What to do?

When I go into the East Coast radio station every week, I’m rarely sure what we are going to talk about. We take queries from listeners, and I genuinely don’t know what’s coming up until the presenter asks me the question.

This week, the question went like this: “How can we stop a two year old Basset Hound from getting up on the counters and tables, and from sniffing visitors to the house. I know he is a hound, but can we train him to be a sociable house hound?”

A second question was equally unusual: “Our dog stops every couple of minutes to pee when we take him out on a walk”?

I love these types of questions: of course, the bottom line is that many of these cases really do need to go to the vet for a thorough check up. But as a vet in the media, I enjoy talking about these topics, and at least offering some guidelines to listeners.

Listen to the podcast:

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