Supporting a new wildlife hospital for Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

The saga of a national wildlife hospital for Ireland continues, and your help is still needed to attain this goal on a permanent basis.

The wildlife hospital opened last year and ran successfully for a while, but unfortunately the location became unavailable, and a new location in Drogheda has been established. This has begun to function well, but there are planning issues that need to be resolved. This is where your support is needed: please do one of two things:

  • Make a submission to support WRI’s development to Meath Co Council. See here on how to do this: you will need to spend half an hour writing a submission, and you will need to pay a fee of €20
  • Alternatively, please make a donation to WRI to help others pay for submissions to support the planning issue.

The background to Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland

Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland has been working hard over the past decade to progress wildlife care and rehabilitation in this country. They have achieved many goals, including:

● Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland website (
This site provides information to individuals or groups actively involved in rehabilitation. It offers general guidelines on rehabilitation, licences and provides standardised forms for volunteers dealing with wildlife
casualties. It includes links to national surveys, relevant publications, further education, grants and career options in wildlife rehabilitation.
● Irish Wildlife Matters website (
This wildlife first aid site provides specific step-by-step information for treating the most common mammals and adult or baby birds. It is aimed at the general public, rehabilitators and the veterinary profession. It offers information on capture, assessment and short-term care in addition to detailed rehabilitation process information, common diseases and species specific veterinary treatment. This website is an invaluable information resource that has saved the lives of many individual wild animals.
● Wildlife Crime Ireland website (
This site provides detailed information on wildlife crime, advice on recognising & recording a wildlife crime, contact details for reporting a wildlife crime, and links to further information.

As well as providing these key information websites, WRI has been active in many other ways.

Training courses

WRI have provided wildlife courses since 2011 and they have grown rapidly in popularity. All WRI courses are accredited by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

  •  ‘Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation’ Course This Introductory course outlines the theory and practice of wildlife rehabilitation and is run regularly throughout the year.
  •  ‘Advanced Wildlife Veterinary Treatment’ Course which is designed to give veterinary professionals an in-depth knowledge of the modern approaches to mammalian and avian wildlife treatment options
  •  ‘Orphan Rearing and Fostering’ Course which focuses on the rearing and fostering of orphaned Irish birds and mammals.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Conferences

WRI conferences are aimed at professionals and volunteers involved in rehabilitation. Both national and International speakers are brought in to deliver talks and practical workshops. These conferences also provide
excellent networking opportunities.

Wildlife Crime Conferences

WRI believes that wildlife crime needs to be tackled on an All-Ireland basis through collaboration, communication and cooperation of all the relevant parties. To this end it has run 2 highly successful All-Ireland
wildlife crime conferences where government agencies, NGOs, professional bodies, voluntary groups and individuals network and share their experience and expertise.

Other work

WRI has been active in many other ways, working hard to raise the standards of care for Irish wild creatures.

The dream of creating a stand alone wildlife hospital is still alive, but it needs your support.

Please visit or and give whatever help you can.




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