The definitive guide to the truth about the “dangers” of restricted dog breeds

The topic of “Breed Specific Legislation” has often been discussed in the media, and on most occasions, this happens following some traumatic incident where a person is attacked by a dog. As a consequence, the topic tends to be sensationalised, with stereotypes being reinforced. Calm, logical, informed discussion never seems to happen. It’s easy for the public to continue to believe the stereotypes, even though there is often little truth in them. Ideally, there would be detailed, forensic analysis of the dog bite incident, including a behavioural assessment of the dog involved, and a careful review of the precise circumstances of the incident. Sadly, this almost never happens, and as a result, the truth remains elusive. Neither the interests of dogs, nor of human society, are served well by this situation.

So I am delighted today to come across a comprehensive article in The journalist, Dan MacGuill, has taken time to carry out a comprehensive search of scholarly articles published on the relative dangers of different breeds of dog.

Dan has brought together many different research articles, providing an article which I will continue to refer to many times in the future, and I’d encourage others to do the same if involved in debate on this topic.

Dan’s article is an excellent long-term reference, which I highly recommend to all.

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