The end of a pet’s life: should you stay with them when they are euthanased? Pete the Vet on Newstalk’s Pat Kenny Show

A recent post that went viral suggested that pets get upset when their owners don’t stay with them for euthanasia. This week’s podcast presents a counter-view to this: in my experience, pets never do this.

To listen to our discussion on this topic, listen to the podcast below.

Questions from listeners

  • My 18 month old male Border Terrier is a very gay little chap, and I don’t want to have him neutered because I like his personality as it is. However he gets very excited when he is around female dogs. Is this a teenage thing, and will he get over it naturally?
  • Why does my cat have thick chunks of wax in her ears? I have already treated her with drops from the vet.
  • My cat keeps bringing dead mice into my house and last week I stood on one by mistake in my bare feet. How can I stop him doing this?
  • Our cat hates being groomed so the vet has to anaesthetise him several times a year to do this. Could this harm him?
  • Our rabbit has been dragging his back legs for the back few days. What could be going on?
  • What does Pete think of Rottweilers? We have a ten month old one, and he is a big cuddly bear. Should we get him neutered?
  • We will be getting a three month old Whippet soon; how can we train him not to chase our pet rabbit who free ranges in our garden?
  • How do I stop my fifteen month old Collie from rolling in foul smelling substances in the park?

To hear Pete’s response to these questions, listen to the podcast below.


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