The loneliness of being a single goldfish and the joy of living in a shoal

This week, I moved my pet goldfish Ricky from his home in an indoor tank beside my desk indoors to a larger living space outside, in a raised brick pond.

I told Ricky’s story – with its messages for all the other single goldfish out there – in the Telegraph and in my weekly Pat Kenny Vet Spot.

The basic message is simple: goldfish get lonely on their own, so do all you can to give them a social life.

Questions from listeners

The Pat Kenny Show, as usual, featured questions from listeners. This week I discussed:

  • Collapsing tracheas in terriers
  • Dealing with bullying cats
  • Choosing the right type of dog for a family situation

Live Facebook Stream

Next week, we are planning a live Facebook video stream after the end of the Pat Kenny Show, so look out for that.

Listen to the podcast:

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