The vegan fiver saga in the UK: Pete the Vet on the Pat Kenny Show and in the Daily Telegraph

Next month, like thousands of others, I’ll be taking part in Veganuary, becoming a vegan for the month of January. I’ve been discussing this topic from time to time, and this week, it’s cropped up in the main news with the story of the Bank of England’s new banknotes containing traces of animal fat. After pressure from vegans, the bank has agreed to look into removing these traces, using non-animal sourced products instead.

I wrote about this earlier in the week, in my weekly online article for the Daily Telegraph: you can read it by clicking on the link at the foot of this page.

We also discussed this on the Pat Kenny Show, during the weekly vet spot: you can listen to the podcast by clicking on the podcast button below.

Questions about pets from listeners

On the Pat Kenny Show, we also answered a number of questions from listeners:

  • My Cavoodle aged 1 and half. He had been yelping when we pick him up and when he stretches downwards or even pat his head. It seem like it’s around his neck and shoulders. What should I do. Since 2 days ago. Is this a vet visit and x ray?
  • My cat is sneezing and under her eye lids are other skin eyelids that are covering a bit of her eyes on both sides.
  • My 9 month old Miniature Schnauzer is beginning to roll in dog poo when we’re out walking. Up until now he was eating dog poo when he could, he seems to have quit this habit in favour of rolling. Is there anything I can do about this?

After the radio show, we did a Facebook Live video to answer the questions that there wasn’t time to answer on air. You can watch the video now by going to the Pete the Vet Facebook page.


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